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What is Plastic Surgery?


Plastic Surgery derives from General Surgery, and it has two main branches: Reconstructive Surgery, which restores, repairs or reconstructs injured or malformed tissue and intends to replace original tissue with other of similar shape and/or function; and Cosmetic Surgery, which adds, removes, balances or repositions parts of our body we are not satisfied with, while improving the appearance of tissues without changing their function.


Most people know plastic surgeons as "cosmetic" surgeons; however, treatment of patients with burns, birth defects, face trauma and fractures or those with defects resulting from oncological surgeries makes practice of our specialty a captivating experience, in constant growth, research and development. Some examples of these are the constant technical progress in plastic surgery, the possibility to transplant the face from a donor to a living patient and, in recent years, regenerative surgery.


Dr. BeltramiThis page is intended to show you what plastic surgery can do; however, this should not replace consultation, which is important to obtain all the information required to decide whether it is the ideal moment for you to undergo surgery.

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